Timeshare FAQ

What is a time share?

A Time share is a type vacation ownership of a time share property. You would have ownership of a unit during a certain period of time, normally for a specific week
each year.

Maintenance Fees?
Maintenance fees are collected by the Home Owners Association or Management Company for the upkeep of the unit. Maintenance Fees price covers different things.
Usually maintenance fees are used for taxes, cleaning of the units, Utilities, including phone and television, landscaping, new appliances and furnishings and more. Maintenance fees may vary with the location and resort and usually are in the $200 to $1000 per year range.

What is a Exchange?
As an owner, you have the ability to trade one time share vacation for another at any of 5,000 resorts in over 80 countries worldwide. They give up use of their own timeshare for the year to exchange a timeshare vacation somewhere else.

What is Resale?
A timeshare week that has been sold before. If one has purchased a timeshare and wishes to no longer own their ownership, they have options available to them. One options is to sell their time share to another person, thus the term Resale.

What is Red, White and Blue?
The color system used for rating timeshares, Red, White and Blue refer to the seasons of the year. The most desirable, Red for high season followed by White for mid season and  Blue for low season.

What is a banked week?
A time share week that the owner banks with the exchange company to be put away unused weeks, to be used later.

What is a lockout?
A unit with two separate living spaces with separate entrances, two different parties may occupy either half at the same time.

What is a fixed week?
A fixed week is a set week that can be used annually. Your ownership is owned, to use a specific week that you will occupy every year.

What is a float week?
Float week allows you to use the timeshare unit anytime during the year based upon a resort’s availability.

What is a Five-Star resort?
A Five Star Resort is the top rating given to a resort in the Interval International system. These timeshare resorts offer the highest level of accommodations and services.

What is a Gold Crown resort?
Gold Crown Resort is the highest rating in the Resort Condominium International system, similar to Interval International’s five star resort category.